Hate to market yourself? Excellent, so are we

Nice to meet you. Orly and Guy. Not those. The originals.

We first wanted to get out of the closet. We, advertisers and creative specialists for about 17 years who really, really, do not like to market ourselves. We Avoid this, so much so that Tzuki has already considered closing the feed for us and ending the relationship with us immediately. 

It is true that we already branded about one thousand businesses and organizations, we found them a unique language, sharpened their messages, we found them their unique usp, told their story , rephrase the pitch and produced from all  these successful musicals .

But … when we reached the faze of marketing of our self – hands froze on the keyboard.

As a shoemaker   with allergy for socks- so are we- just couldn’t bare selling our goods, put on a nice selfie with a client or a photogenic pic of our    boutique office. We just couldn’t upload for ourselves the perfect marketing post on social media.

You know how it goes: It’s a little revealing , a little pathetic ,up  lifting  l , but in a  modest way. like a good story: with ups , twists , strong images , missionary and especially with lots of lots of hashtags we want to indorse:

# Moti sweets on the refreshments.

# nice policeman who didn’t gave me a ticket when I parked on the sidewalk alongside the vehicle to collect a package from  Ali Express .

# my personal trainer that stud me up and tanks to him – I ate the hole cake.

# my grandmother for your useful advice regarding my boyfriend on my wall.

Therefore, whenever I approached the craft of self-marketing, I made sure: 

  To Read competitors’ materials and be convinced that they are good enough so the world can manage without my self-publicity.

Do laundry instead of marketing

Wash over dishes clean coming out of the dishwasher, instead of doing marketing.

Order more and more fruits and vegetables because from now on- it is a recognized expense.

Come to a networking meeting and tell about how much you envy the employees who are currently signing a card and have a hateful relationship with their boss.

make all the homework for my kids including the drawing and not upload a successful story about a client.

Send a customer retention email with the headline invested: What’s up? And feel like you did your daily mission.

Decide today to write Gannett posts for all month, but end it with sharing a post about yard sale of cats and two likes of my cousins.

But I quickly realized that being self-employed meant:  80 percent of marketing and those who are not present in the digital world- actually do not exist. In short, I finally believed what I was telling customers.

So I went out to research, reviewed back and forth the stories of the brands I appreciate, ones that managed to build an interesting content world and an active community and asked me :

In today’s world, how do smart brands create a smart marketing presence? 

Three simple conclusions and we did not even use the word unique selling proposition once!

  1. Successful brands do not advertise: but simply create excellent entertainment! content that you would be happy to repeat it, share it, or kiss and tell it to your friends . This brand has a story that is worth telling.

Let’s take for example the brand of air b&b – entirely built on human stories of the users, that is essentially based on the principle of partnership and community:

  1. Brands that really know what bothers us:

They know how to touch you on the sore spots, give you tips, tools and information that really help you ! That is creating worlds of content that give real value. (Blogs, training videos, articles, blog entries ,  or even memes that you can quote from .

For example, as a company called extra space storage:

referred to a very significant event in our lives, called bringing children into the world and decided to give some tips for this founding moment :

  1. Brands that are just cool and you want to be a fly on their Wall !

Style , design , language , tone , the style , and the characters – whatever the brand is doing-”its  just doing it for you” and you have to Bing its content till the end.

As Skittles does for example :



So what’s the conclusion?

Marketing can and should be fun , interesting and challenging .

You just have to find your  super unique, unicorn way of telling the story of the product , the organization , the brand -in a way that if you are interested , it will interest others .

And if you started getting confused in the process – we’re here to the rescue!

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