Orly Margalit CEO And founder

A copywriter and creative specialist ,  17 years of experience in the best creative departments in ad agencies:( ipg, publicis,jwt).

A lecturer in shenkar academy.

Content specialist and a screenwriter:

TV – writing for “Shorts ” and ” the Island” .

Stage and theater: writing for a stand-up show  by Rotem abuhav.

Writing for the musical “Truth Games ” and editing a short play called “Die for Her” by Yair Packer.

An independent consultant and service providers of copywriting and creative to variety of clients such as: Pfizer, Osem , Perry Real Estate, a group of drugstore, NIS group insurance, government advertising service, goverment advertising agency etc.

Addicted to saltines, situations, insights and red wine. Exactly in that order.

Guy Margalit CEO And founder

7 years as VP of Creative Advertising at Ashkenazi Salzman.

Creative Director at fogel Levin Advertising for 3 years.

Creative Director in Advertising y&r– 4 years.

Senior Art Director at Publicis – 3 years.

Writer and illustrator by birth.

He recently published the children’s book: “Imagination Bird” published by Oron.

Presented at the animated exhibition: “Frozen Time” from the series ” Thoughts of a Pencil”.

Addicted to surfing while cycling and emptying beer cans. Not necessary  in that order.

Stagdis’s with us:

a team of the talent programmers, designers, social champions, photographers, editors and sound people – all good and loved, who like to go for a new adventure every day and create  a Stagadish moment in the heart of our customers.

Stagadish with Us