What is the connection between stand-up , advertising and parenting?

I Do not know. But stay with me because I’m sure we’ll find the connection soon.

Just imagine that you are with me right now in the workshop, in front of me is an erasable board and I have written these three words in a circle.

Stand-up is something I started doing recently, at my extreme age .

Why? Tattoo will wrinkle and motorcycle makes you look fat

 So I decided to run away at night from another Bing on Netflix and do what each of us longs to do in secret: a few minutes in a day , outside  your house, where you can talk without having to listen .

Even if it means, stand on   improvised board bar in Florentine in front of an un-targeted audience. (the twenty members of the same sex talk on the reproductive organs and drink beer on an empty stomach ) and try to make them laugh with jokes about ear infections , parents garden and Middle-aged romance .

It was even successful at times, especially in when your best friends came as an audience and were a little drunk and realized that everything I say is based on very real characters – more precisely just about them. And started shouting in the middle of the show- it’s us !! we are famous-we are the Kardashians!

In short on the one hand – stand up is everything that advertising is not:

Is not accurate, the audience is not targeted, it is not scripted and produced to details, is happening here and now and is affected by audience response, its personal and revealing. It has no characters or plot but it always has a strong critique and statement.

In recent years, it is impossible to ignore that the scene of Stand-up gaining momentum: It seems like every bar or cafe is done at a given moment on the eve of ” open stage “.  well, it turns out that in every insurance agent hides a little Louis CK and all cosmetologists have new revelations at its premiere. There is an active community in the networks, open stages under every blast and everyone is waiting to be discovered.

What is the impact of all this on the world of advertising and on the way brands advertise?

First Insights – First of all we went over with the proper usp , Differentiation and advertising narratives- to a world of insights moments .

Brands marketing messages revolve around real insights about life just like in stand-up , where the product is something that fits in as a possible though not necessary solution to problems . What in principle is a reference to the world of content.

Standup comedian are the new models – the standup comics themselves have become the presenters of most for brands. (When singers breathe down their necks)

Smaller, more accurate – if once the commercials were big , mor investments , with high production values ( media , food , banks ), today even the big brands will prefer to take the same stand up – a comedian , who will talk about small moments , about everyday dilemmas .

Here’s an example, of a video where the standup is actually invisible and talks to the audience about small insights related to a healthy life .

The brand- silk Who sells almond milk – Want to tell us that a healthy and balanced life is cool but difficult to implement. So let’s move on in small steps:

And what is the conclusion:

It is recommended to integrate from the stand-up world into the content worlds of your own brand . This is how you will earn:

  • True insights, accuracy, identification and speech at eye level.
  • As in a live performance – dynamism and flexibility – changing the campaign and the messages while in motion in accordance with the monitoring of the audience’s reactions.
  • Courage to say the things that others may not dare, but your brand does.

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